One word poetry prompt: ‘melancholy’ & ‘spark’

At the start of this year I felt demotivated and recently asked my Instagram followers to send me one word poetry prompts. Below are the poems I wrote for ‘melancholy’ and ‘spark.’

“Melancholy” (word prompt by @hec_poetry )

the day began with a slowness of thought

splashed water on face and fuelled by coffee

he emerged from the kitchen wondering

if outside was grey why the cloud in his room remained?

was this feeling a new destiny?

one he should embrace

he sighed into his sofa

and waited for hope to grow

feet planted in soil to be watered

he wanted to experience a new birth

one where he flourished

would a transformation of self come?

will it be the same next month?

the thought went as quickly as it came

his coffee now cold cup placed on the floor amongst others

enough thinking for the day he laid down and closed his eyes

tomorrow he will revisit it all again

he sighed a silent thank you

he did more than yesterday

‘spark’ (word prompt from @madeuniquecic)

it came

when she least expected it

from nowhere it found her

during her lowest

helping her to become

she had no idea she had it in her

until she felt a warmth in her belly

and others saw a glow in her eyes

a bounce in her step

whilst she walked a trial of flowers

behind her

they said

she brought light in crowds

hope in situations

when she laughed everyone smiled

when she cried they felt her pain

at night

she held the spark in the palm

of her hands

wondering what to expect next

her life

a book she was ready to write

with an ending that excited her

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