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Warrior: a collection of poetry that intertwines autobiographical truths, storytelling and shared experiences, whilst exploring themes of healing, grief, empowerment, loss, inspiration, courage and love. Warrior is an emotive collection and an essential addition to any bookshelf.

From those who brought the book:

“…She calls out strength and courage, she reveals beauty and hope…”

“…A beautiful collection of poems that goes to the heart of the matter in every sense…”

“…The honesty displayed in this work is liberating…”

“…This is one of my best purchases in 2021. Warrior takes me on a journey to just the right place…”


Works in Progress

‘You, Me, Us and Them‘ (a poetry collection)

Exploring the unique fusions of identity, culture and sub-culture, in particularly what it means to be Black-British, Black-Grenadian-British and Black-Caribbean-British.

‘This Lands Culture’ describes a child’s experience of going ‘back home’ to Grenada, “a land my parents spoke about, they dreamed great dreams about, speaking of childhood tales of laughter laughed about.” It explores ‘home’ and what is it like to be born in London with two homes in two countries.

‘My Language’ examines the unique mother tongue and culture, forcefully and painfully created by slavery. Expressions like“You’re too ‘fou-fou’ I tell you” and “Remove that caca-jay from your eye” I tell you, demonstrates the power of language and how it helps generations understand where they come from and the differences between ‘them’ and ‘others.’

‘Love Letters to God’ (a poetry collection)

Within the context of Christianity, this emotional and spiritual discourse between God and I focuses on the journey of self and growth. It is my brave outcry which refuses to be limited by the fear of vulnerability. Untitled poetry pieces are numbered, occasionally they have three or four parts, re-enforcing how my mind processed and dealt with experiences.

Piece 1.1 describes my moments of brokenness when “I looked up into tornados, I became an earthquake breaking grounds and splitting concrete.” As I stood firm, stronger and wiser, whilst “on highways I watch buildings crash down, destruction and chaos shadows me.”

While in piece 2.6 “I try to run” from a wall I built around my heart that damaged what I believed. This wall“steals my breath away, I close my eyes and let a tear escape in a cry for help, my lips part silently, slowly, dehydration dryness covers each syllable.” This poem ends with a declaration; I will stand firm amongst doubts and fears.

The Mango Tree (a novel)

A story about a father and daughter which moves through time zones, countries and uncontrollable factors life dishes out. It takes the reader on a journey and touches on themes of loss, grief, immigrant identity and culture, and the yearnings for ‘back home,’ when ‘back home’ has been defined and redefined by distance, self and society.

Currently in the editing stage, the Mango Tree has been put on hold until I can give it the undivided time and attention it deserves.


Traysi Benjamin-Matthew

Traysi Benjamin-Matthew is London born and bred, of Grenadian-British heritage, a Christian, dyslexia proud, addicted to strong coffee, a wife to an amazing creative man, mother of two beautiful children, aunty to an adorable niece, and so much more!

She has been writing poetry since a child and as an adult creates written and spoken (audio) poetry and performs spoken word poetry. Her first poetry collection ‘warrior’ was published in 2020.

Where can you find her?

Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Sound Cloud and Twitter!


Works in Progress #1

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Sound Cloud (spoken poetry)

My ‘Poetry by Traysi’ Sound Cloud account contains a mishmash of short performance poetry pieces that are close to my heart.

Dear Strong Women (a motivational series)

Easy-to-digest notes/ letters/ devotions that women of any age can relate to. Especially those who have crawled out of rock bottom places and embraced strength and hope, and grew despite the challenges. Currently found on my Instagram account with plans to develop further. Watch this space!

Blank Verse Poetry Hub (a poets collective)

An Instagram and Facebook poets collective for those who want to share their poetry and network with others. Still in its developmental stage with dreams of becoming a quarterly poetry magazine. Join the poets collective on Instagram and Facebook.