My poetry: real love

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a spoken word piece based on the Bible scripture 1 Corinthians chapter 13. This I performed at the Wellspring during a talk about “Real Love.”

1 Corinthians Chapter 13 Love
One of the popular scriptures about love
Love bears all things and never gives up 
In every circumstance it remains
Roots dug deep in storms
Where failures transform into new things
Overcoming life’s hurdles
Ducking and diving dilemmas
Unexpected and foreseen
Steadfast it stays
For days
For years
Enduring it all
Never giving up

Love never loses faith
Continues believing
Seeing beyond human mind-sets
And current situations
Seeing the best
Protects with a shield that surrounds and trusts
The glue in all relationships
Patiently bringing peace in the waiting

Outshining anything man made and thought of
Intertwining into life so gracefully
Cutting through concealed places
Heavy spaces where things seem lost

Love stays strong
Never weakening
Never dwindling
Never fails
Fades or ends
Just flows out of those who know
What it means to be loved and
To love
Growing out of God's love
Filled with a real love
Out of a heart fully submitted
Births something so beautiful

An understanding that
God is love
God is love and
All who live in love live in God and
This love is the greatest
The most powerful

Where every cell of our body pours out love
Where every action and
Reaction begins and ends with love
Where every language spoken is in the language of love
And we are nothing if we haven't loved

We can have a faith that moves mountains
Speak in tongues of angles
Have the gift of prophecy and
Can fathom all mysteries and
We can give all to the poor and do all the things we think God has called us to do
Leave a life of legacy lasting for generations and generations
We can do and overcome amazing things both big and small
All in the name of the lord
And still not love

Seasons will come and go
Prophesy will cease
Tongues will be stilled
Knowledge will pass away
Like dust disappearing in the wind and despite all these endings
Only three things will remain
Faith hope and love
And the greatest of these is love

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